7 Predictions of Design

Kinda like 10 things I hate about you, but with design.

I mean you can dance like this forever to impress girls

Recently I have been seeing your run of the mill end of the year posts about new trends wether in design or not for 2021. So since I have nothing to blog about here is your run of the mill design trends for 2021. These are more than likely what the norm will switch off to.

  1. Digital Health- Since the start of covid and the pandemic traditional lines and go in as you please has been put on hold. The new norm will be integrating everything into seamless online waits. Most companies who aren’t already invested in UX will probably be investing heavily which may mean an influx of jobs approaching in many sectors. We have also seen some impressive self-monitoring applications being applied to wearables, providing instant data visualisations on steps, sleep, heart rate or blood pressure. These sophisticated functionalities empower users to take charge of their own health and inform them on how to make lifestyle changes.

Mandalore didn’t think so and neither should we !

6. Rise of the 3D- (From henceforth everything will be star wars) 2021 will mark more of a need for 3D Designs. People are moving away traditional illustrations and into 3D illustrations. Check out Spline.

Summing up

While nobody knows how exactly 2021 trends will look like, we may already predict that Digital Materials with Shadows & Modern Gradients will shape the modern visual styles. 3D will also be an important part, as well as VR/AR.

Hope you enjoyed this.

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